Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What happens if the tectonic plates start disintegrating because of unusually high solar flares and polar reversal by 2012

The world can see total havoc if the solar flares continue to bombard the earth. According to some scientists and geologists, the Sun may be experiencing a 100,000 years cycle and bombarding the earth with massive solar wind. While the magnetosphere and earths internal dynamo is holding strong, a serious problem is being observed in the thermal and seismological readings of the earth’s tectonic plates.

For the first time the tectonic plates of the earth are becoming vulnerable to these abnormal electromagnetic radiation from the Sun.

There is some risk of the tectonic plates disintegrating by 2012. That will be catastrophic and the human civilization can disappear in a day or two.

According to some tectonic plate observers, Indo-Australian plate is about to break apart near Sumatra. That will automatically produce ripple effects and many other plates will start cracking.

The electromagnetic radiation from the Sun and the cosmic radiation jointly are causing major stresses in all fault areas of the tectonic plates. It is similar to making the plates in those weak spots brittle – a little shock of any kind will break them.


maxine said...

Anonymous guest to a Maxine Computer, please do not respond:
The Tectonic Plates, are as vulnerable as man encourages them to be. Neglect toward the energy inventions designed by mankind, for various convenientces, in this busy work age, are placed vulnerable for consumers to purchase and use as they choose. Until mankind stops busying himself with non-objective use-and-destructive interventions of these gear, we can only condone and console, the volatile response felt by Mother Earth and Father Sky. To curse the Earth and Sky for falling ill due, mankinds visitation, is to punish the ill for being sick!

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