Friday, August 21, 2009

Alien Contact

Considering that the Mayan culture itself has indication an "external force" this theory may not be as far fetched as one might think. Furthermore, depending on your perspective, the odds of alien encounter may be significantly higher if another event outlined in this page is about to occur.

Were the Mayans in contact with an advanced extraterrestrial race?

The implications of alien contact during the year 2012 will vary depending on an important factor in regards to their actions towards us. Hostile or benevolent. Good or evil.

The end of the world as we know it could be the result of a hostile alien race. Such races are speculated to exist. These races include the Reptillians & the Greys, but other possible include biomechanical Androids or advanced Insectoids. If Earth is rare, then it may be prime real estate for an extraterrestrial civilization and they may or may not care who is currently occupying us.

In consideration of the end of the world, one must consider that this doesn't necessarily imply a negative outcome.

If there is alien contact in 2012, it may be for a logical reason. And it may be connected to another scenario outlined on this site.


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