Sunday, August 23, 2009

Earth, Sun and MilkyWay Align After 26,000 Years

Did you know that on December 21, 2012 the Sun, the Earth, and the Milky Way will align for the first time in 26,000 years? Scientist all over the globe agree that a cataclysmic event is undoubtedly going to happen.

However, considering the fact the only things we know about this event come from studying the history of our planet, it is a bit of a guessing game. We do know that our planet is warming up at an alarming rate and that our weather patterns are changing. We also know that this same type of event heralded the extinction of entire species in the past. Just like us we are sure you wondered "What can I do about this?".

There are ways we as humans can help ourselves. We can be prepared for a natural disaster that may affect our entire planet. We can stock up on survival supplies so that should a disaster occur we can support ourselves until our system can be re-established.


manuel said...

When has mankind gained so much power to distroy the earth. Dont you think we are looking to highly on ourselves

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Don't know about mankind, but the human race as a whole hasn't had the power to completely swipe itself with something like "global warming." I mean, did the dinosaurs keep stir the Ice Age.

As cynical as this sounds.. humanity has lost so much roots with our natural needs, that our societies are falling apart already -- in horrendous ways. 2012 sounds like the Earth having intelligence and taking things into her own hands.

Yet at the same time... considering we've only had the past 2,000 to completely evolve from ugly teachings/bigotry (that is still struggled with) it would also be tragic for people not to have a chance in the future to help evolve our societies.

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