Thursday, August 27, 2009

Underwater volcanoes increasing global warming – catastrophe in 2012?

Global warming on massive rise due to an exponential rise in underwater volcanoes. The hot methane underwater can cause temperature of the ocean rise very fast. That can be devastating if the trend continues till 2012. First, higher ocean temperature is the breeding ground for cyclones and typhoons. Second, the temperature rise can cause coastal flooding all over the world. The global warming is getting accelerated very fast by the underwater volcanoes.

The tectonic plate movements especially under the oceans have gone up by many times. Andaman Nicobar Island now is experiencing under water volcanoes in Indian ocean and Bay of Bengal. In America North West is experiencing unprecedented level of small earthquakes and under water volcanoes. Seattle and Oregon are experiencing heavy levels of tectonic disturbance.

Underwater volcanoes are being reported in Australia, Greece, New Zealand and many other countries. Russia’s Kumpchetka peninsula is experiencing double volcanoes of large sizes.

According some geologists, there are not enough monitoring mechanisms for knowing the number of under water volcanoes.

Most Navies are experiencing changing under water topologies all over the world. The recent American submarine accident caused by under water ridges never mapped before and many other reports from other navies just confirm the fact that there are massive tectonic movements under the oceans that we are not observing.

Magma movements under the ocean has increased many folds – says Geologists. These developments show the projected under water volcanoes and magma movements have steadily increased in the last five years and now it is just going through the roof.

These data do not take into consideration the small less that 4.0 Richter scale earth quakes under the water.

Based on a recent study, it is evident that the tectonic movements have gone up by several folds in the last nine months.


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all the puzzle pieces are falling into their place,its all gonna change in the blink of an eye - i HAVE to be here to watch the greed and gluttony wash away /// FINALLY,,no more GREED!
it makes me sick to see all the selfishness and Uncaring out there (thanks,just had to vent- i feel better now)


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