Thursday, August 27, 2009

2012 - will earth's crust become violent?

According to some geologists and scientists, we are sitting on top the earth’s crust that is ready to provide violent shifts all over the world.

The biggest problem, according to sources is that the tectonic plate shifts have increased the number of serious earthquakes in the past one-year an enormous amount and the rate is exponentially increasing. Scientists are blaming the Polar reversal and these will continue till 2012.Very rarely the Sun and the Earth simultaneously reverses polarity. That is exactly what is happening now. When this happens catastrophes happen in the earth. If history is a guide of anything, these earthquakes and volcanoes will continue to increase till 2012.

A periodic moderate earthquake reminds of a systematic tectonic disturbance in Northern Sumatra for the last one year. Many now are predicting that either a major cataclysmic event has been avoided or initiated. The same is happening in Western and Northwestern America, More than 600 small earthquakes have been registered in these areas.

According to scientists, all hot spots – Sumatra. Yellowstone and many others are showing signs of extreme disturbance – even harmonic tremors.

According to some, we are really sitting in front of a series of very catastrophic series of earthquakes all over the world.

According to some scientists, these increasing smaller earthquakes are the results of covert experiments of the countries or experiments of the extraterrestrials.

No one knows whether these speculations are correct. But the tectonic tremors recorded all over says that no matter who is behind it, something nasty is forming in the plate tectonics.


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