Friday, August 28, 2009

Michio Kaku Warns of 2012 Solar Storm

Dr. Michio Kaku was recently on Fox News providing information regarding the possibility of solar storm at the peak of the solar cycle in 2012, and the serious consequences…

“We made a mistake,” Dr. Kaku said, when speaking about industry calculations about solar flares. Kaku believes the cycle will peak around 2012, possibly playing havoc with Earthling gadgets like Blackberries.

The Internet, Fox, television, cable, satellite TV” could all get “wiped out around 2012″.

He goes on to suggest that we need to reinforce our satellites, and create redundant power systems. President Obama has already earmarked billions to be spent on the US power grid, but it remains to be seen if it could be completed (or even begun) prior to 2012.

Fox reported on the concept back in December. Prior to that, Dr. Kaku was interviewed by the Daily Grail. Here’s the Fox News video:


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