Thursday, August 27, 2009

The polar reversal and invisible asteroid collision with earth in 2012? Jupitar collision serves as a wake up call

The gravity waves dominate the collision paths of astronomical bodies. Some physicists are now finding new collision paths for earth. We understand very little of gravity waves as most of it resides in higher dimensions; a feeble projection is available in our 3D dimension.

When an object smacked into Jupiter over the weekend, it served as a wake up call for world astronomers. No one understood the impact cause. The Jupiter's cloud tops initially showed the signature of the impact and were discovered by Australian amateur astronomer Anthony Wesley as he gathered digital images of the giant planet through his 14.5-inch telescope. After alerting other astronomers to what appeared to be a "scar" in the cloud tops similar to those generated by the pieces of Shoemaker-Levy 9, NASA scientists trained a 3-meter (9.8-foot) infrared telescope on the planet and got a good look at the scar.

The question again is what happens in 2012?

It is a confirmed fact now that polar reversal is in process. How long it will take and when it will be complete is one’s wild guess. But what is scarier is that the list of objects that can all on a sudden hit earth in 2012 is rising exponentially. As 2012 nears, world is getting more and more warning notices.

Many scientists feel that the gravity wave modeling is unknown to our technology. That can create a sudden uncertainty. It is for certain now that we are blind in at least four out of five directions which can serve as the source of the asteroid.


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