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Extraterrestrial UFO underwater bases in Ocean ''dead zones’? 2012 effect?

The "dead zones" with too little oxygen for life are expanding in the world's oceans. Sciertists have little clue as to what is causing this hypoxia in the marine world.

Some scietists believe the oceanic zones of under water hypoxia or lack of oxygen is caused by Extraterrestrial bases. These underwater UFO bases underwater are increasing exponentially all over the world.

If this uncontrolled hypoxia continues, the world could end up with no crabs, no shrimp, no fish. That is where these dead zones are heading unless we stop their growth.

According to statistical correlation studies, the whole ocean may be tapped by the extraterrestrials for resouces before we can do it.

The deal zones in the ocean porovide ideal hybernating grounds for the advanced Type III extraterrestrial UFOs.

According to conventional science, pollution-fed algae, which deprive other living marine life of oxygen, are the cause of most of the world's dead zones. Scientists mainly blame fertilizer and other farm runoff, sewage and fossil-fuel burning.

But that cannot casue the massive acceleartion in the dead zone formation. Something else is happening. Most likely as year 2012 comes nearer more and morte UFOs are packing up in the dead zones which in turn create more dead zones.

According to some computer scientists working together with a group geophysicists and astrophysicists, Earth and Sun both will go through a process of Magnetic Pole Reversal in 2012. This last happened millions of years back when the Dinosaurs disappeared. A private research and analysis company in Hyderabad is predicting a major upheaval in 2012.

Magnetic Pole reversal is a process when North Pole and South Pole reverse positions. When this happens, at some point of time Earth's magnetic field reaches zero Gauss which simply means, Earth at that point of time has zero magnetism. When this coincides with a eleven year cycle of Sun's Polar reversal, a major problem arises.

In the modern human history, such happenings are not recorded. Only Computer Models can predict the outcome. NASA recently has brought the public fear down by saying the Polar reversal will make Earth's Magnetism weak and erratic but not zero.

According to the Hyderabad Computer Model, the polar reversal of Earth and Sun can cause the following serious problems other than electronic malfunction, migrating birds losing sense of direction and so on:

- the immune system of all animals including the humans will weaken substantially

- the earth's crust will experience increasing volcanoes, tectonic movements, earthquakes and landslides

- Earth's Magnetosphere will weaken and Cosmic Radiation from Sun will increase many folds making radiation hazards like cancer and so on inevitable

- Large Asteroids will be drawn towards the Earth

- the Earth's gravitational field will experience a change though no one knows how it will change

If you add up all these possible devastating scenarios, you can easily see that in simple words, Earth may become not suitable for human civilization by 2012 and those who live on or near earth's crust.

The organisms living deep in the Earth well below the crust will survive. Without any intervention in this natural process, millions of years later we will see some other form of intelligent or large life forms are dominating the earth on its crust.

A large number of Extra-terrestrial UFO sightings in recent days, according to many UFO researchers in the world is connected to saving the human civilization form extinction. It is possible in absence of our knowledge they are trying to provide a counter measure that can save the human civilization.

As it happened during the time of Tsunami, it is possible that we will be perplexed and stare at the unthinkable happening and wiping us out.

If this model is true, the only way for us to survive will be to take our civilization well below the Earth's crust or move to another planet. It may have happened to Mars millions of years back.

Recent extra-terrestrial UFO activities (in the last 100 years) point out that someone out there knows that something severe will happen. They may be creating a scenario where they can silently help us or even remove us to an unknown destination.

A robot on moon in 2012 and a spacecraft to Mars in 2013, many Indian astronauts in space by 2015 – India unveils its space ambition

ISRO plans to send an Indian astronaut in space onboard a Russian mission in 2013 and follow it up with two Indian astronauts on a seven-day mission on an indigenously developed rocket in 2015.

Indian space scientists now plan to conquer new frontiers by sending a robot on moon in 2012 and a spacecraft to Mars the following year, which will also see an Indian astronaut in space.

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has lined up a slew of missions, which also include landing a spacecraft on an asteroid and sending a probe to fly past a comet.

ISRO also plan to launch a sequel to Chandrayaan-I, which will entail landing a rover robot on moon by 2012. The lunar rover will be built in collaboration with Russia. The Chandrayaan II project is slated to land a small rover on the moon's surface and collect and analyze samples.

ISRO, Indian Space Research Organization is now proud of its achievements. A commercial satellite built by the organization for the European satellite operator, Eutelsat, was successfully launched from French Guiana in South America.

2012 – official revealing visit from M15 Globular Star Cluster

This Star Cluster is the densest part of the Universe. M15 Star Cluster is also the source of largest density of Black Holes and gateway to many other Universes. This is also the source of huge concentration of dark matters. The picture from Hubble Telescope shows the central portion of M15, photographed with Hubble's Wide Field Planetary Camera 2. The image is about 28 to 30 light-years across. Images in ultraviolet, blue, and visual light were combined for this picture, so that the colors roughly correspond to the surface temperatures of stars in M15. Hot stars appear blue, while cooler stars appear reddish-orange.

The density of stars rises all the way into the cluster center, marked by a green cross. Careful analysis of the distribution of these stars suggest that at some point in the distant past, the stars converged on M15's core, like bees swarming to their hive. This runaway collapse, long theorized by researchers but never seen in such detail, may have lasted a few million years--a flash in the 12-billion-year life of the cluster. A precise reading of the speeds at which stars move near M15's core would reveal whether the stars are packed so tightly because of the influence of a single massive object, or simply by their own mutual attraction. Stars would orbit more quickly in the gravitational grip of a black hole, which would be several thousand times more massive than our sun.

UFO researchers now believe that the aliens from this star cluster who visit us regularly will finally in 2012 expose themselves to us. They are preparing for the totally astounding event for a long time.

Some Astrophysicists are running back to the drawing table in recent days. They are busy looking at a Star Cluster called M15 discovered years back by Hubble Telescope. This mosaic of the globular cluster M15 (fifteenth object in the Messier catalog of star clusters and nebulae) contains over 30,000 stars. The Hubble Space Telescope probed the core of M15, the most tightly packed cluster of stars in our galaxy, to look for evidence of either a massive black hole or another remarkable phenomenon: a "core collapse" driven by the intense gravitational pull of so many stars in such a small volume of space.

Many Governments will now in the next several years prepare their citizens to live with the event that will change our lives forever.

A 2012 catastrophe building in the very wide trenches by the sides of the underwater mountain ranges

The underwater ridges are showing signs of building pressures and disturbances. An underwater mountain range stretches all the way around the earth on the ocean floor. On either side of this mountain range there is a very wide trench.

These trenches are deep. Pressures have been building up for centuries in these trenches. But, recently, sonar, and other satellite remote sensing data, have created a panic among the geophysicists.

The earth's crust has the same thickness over the entire ocean floor, and that it has very little build up of sediment. If it had been there for billions of years, it should have a thick layer of sediment sitting on top of the rock floor. This led scientists to decide that the ocean floor was in fact quite young, in comparison to the continents.

Computer simulations point to a massive shift in earth’s crust especially in 2012 –2020. The catastrophe may have actually started with the Asian Tsunami few years back.

Some scientists believe the havoc can parallel to what happened to the great civilization of Atlantis

Black hole collisions in 2012 may create massive gravity radiation creating imbalance in our entire galaxy

Scientists are worried about possible many Black hole collisions in and around 2012. All galaxies are believed to contain supermassive black holes at their centers. Galaxies grow through mergers with other galaxies. When this occurs, the central black holes form a binary system and revolve around each other, eventually coalescing into one. The coalescence is driven by the emission of gravitational radiation. It follows the cysles of chilled universe below the Hyperspace – the cycle of creation, maintenance and eventual destruction.

Many balck holes according to some scientists are headed for collisions in and around 2012. This can eject massive garvity radiation creating imbalance in our entire galaxy if not the whole universe. Black holes can also get ejected out of a galaxy and head towards another galaxy.

Earth’s dynamo can malfunction in December 2012 with galactic alignment and that can require extraterrestrial help to sustain intelligent life


We know earth is perfect dynamo. It is a delicate but perfect design to support intelligent life forms. If Earth's dynamo were just a little weaker, the magnetic field it generates would be inadequate to shield life from cosmic rays other harmful effects from the space. If it were much stronger, it would cause deadly magnetic storms.

However, scientists are concerned that this perfection and engineering marvel can malfunction during galactic alignment in 2012. That will require extraterrestrial help from very advanced type IV civilization. Some UFO watchers believe the galactic alignment will have real negative effects on the intelligent life forms.

It is possible that the extraterrestrial help will come and go silently and we will understand nothing on December 21. It is also possible they have to reveal their identity, take up drastic steps to protect us.

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