Friday, September 18, 2009

State plans 229 clusters for SMEs by 2012 – Yahoo! India News

State plans 229 clusters for SMEs by 2012 – Yahoo! India News

The state government may have chalked out an ambitious plan to createinfrastructure for industry, especially small and medium enterprises, but till date it's track record is poor. While it plans to develop 229 clusters for SMEs during the eleventh plan period, which ends in 2012, the state has completed only four clusters since the project was launched two years ago. State micro and small-scale enterprises minister Manab Mukherjee admitted that “we have so far completed four clusters since the project was initiated barely two years back.”

The state, which has taken up the cluster development projects mainly for the small and medium scale companies, has 60 such clusters at different phases of completion.

The state, which has almost 27.5 lakh functional small scale units, has been pursuing the cluster approach to develop industrial parks since SMEs generate almost 55 lakh jobs per year.

According to sources, development of 39 clusters was started last year and 17,101 new small scale units have already been set up in the state during the last fiscal.

The number of clusters will touch 229 by 2012, the last year of the eleventh plan period, said Mukherjee, but didn't give details. Most of these clusters are in the field of small-scale industries, handloom industries, rural industries and handicrafts.

Talking to the media after the 46th annual general meeting of Indian Paint Association, Mukherjee said IPA has also asked for land to develop an industrial park in the state.

“Talks with IPA members are at a primary stage,” he said, adding that the state government will develop the infrastructure for the industrial park.

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