Friday, September 18, 2009

2012 – start of solidification in earth’s core resulting in loss of magnetic properties of the earth – what is the impact on living beings

Sometimes you wonder why the Mayans and many other ancients said – 2012 is the year when the earth will not be the same again. It may mark the start of a new era. What do they really mean?

Scientists now have some interesting clues. According to some of the physicists, something that started around 2001 is becoming more serious and will take its hold perhaps in 2012 and beyond.

Sometimes you stare at the red planet Mars and ask your self in spite of solid evidence of life in the past what really happened to this smaller than earth planet really?

Simply put, Mars inner core became solid, lost its magnetic properties and all living being on the planet died. The planet today is a red desert.

Can it happen to earth? Experts are saying it is actually happening to earth right now. There is a massive nuclear reactor at the very center of the earth that keeps the core liquid. But Uranium reserve it that core is running very low and will sooner or later depleted. As the rectors will lack fuel, the core will solidify. The loss of resulting magnetism on earth’s surface will extinct all living beings.

The effect according to some scientists will take its hold in a significant way starting from 2012.


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