Friday, September 18, 2009

A 2012 catastrophe building in the very wide trenches by the sides of the underwater mountain ranges

The underwater ridges are showing signs of building pressures and disturbances. An underwater mountain range stretches all the way around the earth on the ocean floor. On either side of this mountain range there is a very wide trench.

These trenches are deep. Pressures have been building up for centuries in these trenches. But, recently, sonar, and other satellite remote sensing data, have created a panic among the geophysicists.

The earth's crust has the same thickness over the entire ocean floor, and that it has very little build up of sediment. If it had been there for billions of years, it should have a thick layer of sediment sitting on top of the rock floor. This led scientists to decide that the ocean floor was in fact quite young, in comparison to the continents.

Computer simulations point to a massive shift in earth’s crust especially in 2012 –2020. The catastrophe may have actually started with the Asian Tsunami few years back.

Some scientists believe the havoc can parallel to what happened to the great civilization of Atlantis


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