Friday, September 18, 2009

A robot on moon in 2012 and a spacecraft to Mars in 2013, many Indian astronauts in space by 2015 – India unveils its space ambition

ISRO plans to send an Indian astronaut in space onboard a Russian mission in 2013 and follow it up with two Indian astronauts on a seven-day mission on an indigenously developed rocket in 2015.

Indian space scientists now plan to conquer new frontiers by sending a robot on moon in 2012 and a spacecraft to Mars the following year, which will also see an Indian astronaut in space.

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has lined up a slew of missions, which also include landing a spacecraft on an asteroid and sending a probe to fly past a comet.

ISRO also plan to launch a sequel to Chandrayaan-I, which will entail landing a rover robot on moon by 2012. The lunar rover will be built in collaboration with Russia. The Chandrayaan II project is slated to land a small rover on the moon's surface and collect and analyze samples.

ISRO, Indian Space Research Organization is now proud of its achievements. A commercial satellite built by the organization for the European satellite operator, Eutelsat, was successfully launched from French Guiana in South America.


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