Friday, September 18, 2009

Alex Rosselli-2012 Review

Artist: Alex Rosselli

Title: 2012

Genre: Instrumental-Rock-Progressive-Fusion

Label: Independent

Alex Rosselli has reached another level of creativity and conceptual artistry on his new release 2012. After listening to this interesting and entertaining recording of instrumental rock, fusion, and progressive amalgamations, it seems all of the albums prior to this were developmental, leading to the current creation and metamorphosis of this incredibly talented artist.

In discussion with Alex, I discovered that he went through a very deep and insightful thought process while recording this album. He wanted to produce a concept album and the first recordings started in late 2006 and then ended in July 2007.

Alex read many things about the year 2012 including information about the Mayan Calendar, time acceleration, personal and planetary changes, DNA upgrades, UFOs, shift to 4th and 5th dimension, the Ascension, and the synchronization of earth with the universe. Therefore, after exploring all of this he took his own fantasy and decided to create recordings with these ideas, philosophies, and future projections in mind to inspire a concept album. You can read more about the story on his website or at the CD Baby page for this CD.

As only the listener not the creator- it can be difficult to really “hear” and comprehend a completely instrumental album, match the titles with the music, and envision what the artist is seeing as the tracks play. Only the architect of the story has the quintessential lifeline to their music. It is then up to listener to recreate their own story, however it does help quite a bit if you have an idea of the entire concept and reasoning to the unfolding of the music before you. It also takes the right frame of mind and perhaps several listens before you get it.

As you listen to tracks, the realization of how connected they all are strikes you as prolific and it makes total sense, thus giving you each individual song rolled into one complete track to take in all at once. I heard familiar influences, such as Hendrix, once again at different points throughout, although this was not a key factor in the presentation or overall sound of the project. Alex spends a lot of time experimenting with sounds utilizing a MIDI guitar with Yamaha MU100 tone generator (strings, effects, bass, and sitar) and the Electro Harmonix Micro Synthesizer, for that cool synth phase shifting effect you will hear often.

Alex Rosselli is an emerging artist, and it is happening at the speed of light now with the release of 2012. This man has gone from impressive to brilliant in every way with this release.


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