Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2012 Forum Featured in Playboy Magazine

In this month’s edition of Playboy (September, USA, Heidi Montag on the cover) is a feature article written by Frank Owen, looking into the survivalist aspects of the 2012 phenomenon. Members from the popular website are interviewed - chiefly Steve Pace of Missouri, but also Susan Skains, Ace McQuade and forum founder Robert Bast.

In a well-written and balanced piece, Owen ultimately suggests that a little preparation for whatever may come is not such a bad idea. Interestingly he also quotes a forum post in which Daniel, who claims to have travelled back in time to provide us 2012 information, tells us how he is stuck in a space-time continuum.

Where to next for the 2012 meme? I expect to see it appearing in Time, NewsWeek & 60 Minutes within the next 12 months.


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