Friday, September 18, 2009

Extraterrestrial UFO underwater bases in Ocean ''dead zones’? 2012 effect?

The "dead zones" with too little oxygen for life are expanding in the world's oceans. Sciertists have little clue as to what is causing this hypoxia in the marine world.

Some scietists believe the oceanic zones of under water hypoxia or lack of oxygen is caused by Extraterrestrial bases. These underwater UFO bases underwater are increasing exponentially all over the world.

If this uncontrolled hypoxia continues, the world could end up with no crabs, no shrimp, no fish. That is where these dead zones are heading unless we stop their growth.

According to statistical correlation studies, the whole ocean may be tapped by the extraterrestrials for resouces before we can do it.

The deal zones in the ocean porovide ideal hybernating grounds for the advanced Type III extraterrestrial UFOs.

According to conventional science, pollution-fed algae, which deprive other living marine life of oxygen, are the cause of most of the world's dead zones. Scientists mainly blame fertilizer and other farm runoff, sewage and fossil-fuel burning.

But that cannot casue the massive acceleartion in the dead zone formation. Something else is happening. Most likely as year 2012 comes nearer more and morte UFOs are packing up in the dead zones which in turn create more dead zones.



This is one time I can honestly say that I hope You are wrong on this one my friend. I have mentally prepared myself for many wierd things to come, both bad and good.And although I am hoping for the best, I know that it could get very ugly too. But I hope that whatever happens to "us", and to the Earth (in 2012, or whatever)that the beautiful and magnificent oceans are not the victim, or a casualty, of it all.

Matthew said...

The world will not end in 2012. I know this because I am from the year 2215. In your world 2012 will pass with relative calm. In fact, besides the great unpleasantness of 2033 your future will unfold peacefully.

debrabmaddox said...

i love reading all the comments, they are as enlightening as the artical itself! i wish more ppl would leave their comments here

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