Friday, September 18, 2009

Earth’s dynamo can malfunction in December 2012 with galactic alignment and that can require extraterrestrial help to sustain intelligent life


We know earth is perfect dynamo. It is a delicate but perfect design to support intelligent life forms. If Earth's dynamo were just a little weaker, the magnetic field it generates would be inadequate to shield life from cosmic rays other harmful effects from the space. If it were much stronger, it would cause deadly magnetic storms.

However, scientists are concerned that this perfection and engineering marvel can malfunction during galactic alignment in 2012. That will require extraterrestrial help from very advanced type IV civilization. Some UFO watchers believe the galactic alignment will have real negative effects on the intelligent life forms.

It is possible that the extraterrestrial help will come and go silently and we will understand nothing on December 21. It is also possible they have to reveal their identity, take up drastic steps to protect us.


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